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Content Marketing for Podiatrists

Content marketing is a type of marketing involving the creation and sharing of online content. This could be things such as videos, websites, blogs, and social media posts. It isn’t used to explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate a general interest in it the products or services being promoted. Most businesses are paying more attention to this concept and are spending more resources on it. Health professionals are in business so are also looking at content marketing as a means to promote the issues surrounding the type of health services that they offer. Podiatrists are no exception to this and they can be seen as widely promoting content that is related to foot problems and the sort of work that podiatrists do. Obviously the spin off for the individual business is the increased awareness of the services offered by the Podiatrist. A whole episode of the podiatry livestream on Facebook was devoted to the issue of content marketing. PodChatLive is a regular livestream chat show that is hosted by Craig Payne from Australia and Ina Griffiths from the United Kingdom. They have a different guest they chat with in each episode and respond to questions and comments live on Facebook. After the live, it this then edited and added to YouTube.

In the episode of PodChatLive and content marketing the hosts were joined by Nina Lansdowne from a business called Word Prescription to talk about content marketing for podiatrists. Nina was a podiatrist before starting her business, so has experience to bring the two together. She shared some great information about what good and bad content is, tips on what a podiatrist’s website homepage and biography/about us pages should look like as well as ideas for blogs and newsletters. There was also a discussion on how not to break the law and get on the wrong side of the authorities in Australia where she s from. The information was probably applicable world wide