What Do You Need To Know About Softbox Lighting?

Softbox lighting is a type of lighting that uses a small light box to create a defined lighting effect. Softboxes are often used in portrait photography because they create even and flattering light for the subject, without harsh shadows or bright spots. 

They can also be used for product photography, wedding photography, and other types of photography where you want to create a specific look.

Types of Softbox Lights

Softboxes come in different shapes and sizes to fit a variety of shooting needs. Here are the four main types of softbox lights:

1. The key light is the largest and usually has a wider beam than the other light sources. It’s used for general fill light, adding more brightness to a subject, or controlling the background. Click over here to buy the best softbox lighting.

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2. The rim light is closest to the subject and provides a punch of brightness. It’s often used for highlighting a subject’s features or as a key fill light when your main light isn’t powerful enough.

3. The backlight adds depth and dimension to your portrait subjects by illuminating their hair, clothing, or accessories. It can also be used as a fill light for areas that don’t receive a lot of direct sunlight.

4. The side light is used for creating an even distribution of light over your subject by shining it from the side rather than from the front or back. It can be helpful when you want to create a wash of light over an area without focusing too much on one specific location.

One of the most popular lighting modifiers out there is the softbox. What is a softbox? It’s a light modifier that attaches to your flash and creates an umbrella-like light source. You can use it for fill light, key light, or even a main light if you have a large enough flash.