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What Is Shisha? Learn Quickly Everything You Need to Know

Shisha tobacco is a mixture of dried fruit or herbs, tobacco, glycerin, and molasses. Used for centuries for relaxation and pleasure.

There are really good skewer flavors out there today and you should research and find your mix, but today we're going to talk about the basics. You can also check for the best online shisha delivery in Australia via https://www.sheeshabuzz.com.au/category/shisha/.

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Shisha is a popular name for shisha tobacco, usually a fruity flavor that contains high doses of nicotine. The combination of aromatic spices or fruit flavorings and tobacco with nicotine is as old as a water pipe. 

There are many different companies making shisha tobacco, some of which, like Nakhla, have been around for a long time. Due to the high doses of nicotine, you feel relaxed and that is what it is for.

There are also no-nicotine blends. In this day and age, companies have started making nicotine-free bottles that make a great substitute for genuine hookah tobacco and are slightly healthier.

How does shisha work?

The metal pipe that goes down to the vase filled with water flows from the top to the end of the water pipe. The bowl is covered with metal paper. Hot embers are placed on foil. 

If you inhale at high temperatures, the tobacco will start to burn and is ready to be smoked. By inhaling the hose, the smoke descends and is underwater or any liquid in the vase.