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Journalism Courses You Can Study Online

Home learning courses are certainly nothing new but they have developed over the years, to the point where many of them are now done via the internet and email. This often means faster contact between students and tutors and generally makes communication in each course far smoother and slimmer.

Journalism has become a very popular field of study over the past few years. If you want to do diploma in journalism with online PR module via online distance learning then you can explore various online sources.

We have experienced an explosion of all things social media, with the world of Twitter and Facebook changing the way news is delivered, to the point that not only can people receive news almost wherever they are, but they can also make and become part of the latest news.

Journalism itself is always very diverse, but perhaps in the past, many saw it as limited to TV news on the night or the morning newspaper. The fact is, journalism is everywhere you look and journalists are working in various fields.

Let's take a quick look at some of the fields of journalism that are available as online courses. You don't have to love politics to find your way to journalism today.

There are various courses like Music Journalism, Food Journalism, Celebrity Journalism, Motoring Journalism, Science Journalism, Fashion Journalism, Environmental Journalism, Health Journalism, News Reporting, Women's magazines, etc.