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What If You Find The Problem After Home Inspection?

The results of the inspection report do not place the obligations of the seller to fix everything that was mentioned in the report. Once the condition of the house is known, the buyer and seller have to sit down and discuss what is in the report.

This report will be clear about what improvements and what is a discretionary improvement. Monsivais Inspections provide professional real estate inspector who assures that their recommendations are objective and unbiased.

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It's important to know that the inspectors should stay out of this discussion because it is outside the scope of their work. After the home inspection and consultation with the seller on the repair, I was able to re-hire an inspector to come back home check to make sure everything gets fixed?

You certainly can, and that idea was really good. For small fee inspectors will return to determine whether repairs completed and if they are done correctly.

A home inspection is not a guarantee that problems will not be there after you move in. If you believe that the problem was seen at the time of the examination and should have been mentioned in the report, the first step you should call the superintendent.

He will be fine with this and do not want you to call if you think there is a problem. If the issue is not resolved with a phone call, they will come to your house to see it. They will want you to be satisfied and will do everything possible to do this.

One way to protect you between the inspection and the move-in is to conduct a final walkthrough at the close of the second day and use the inspection report AND a Walkthrough Checklist to make sure everything is as it should be.