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Why Your Child Suck Their Thumb?

When your child sucks their thumb, they will be more comfortable. They get pleasure in what they do. Also, if you are going to pay attention to the baby, you will see that they suck their thumb when they are hungry, scared, tired, or sleepy.

Thumbsucker stops their habit as old as the age of 6 months. Some may suck their thumbs until they are 3 to 4 years. You should start to worry if they continue to do so and perhaps on a much greater intensity after that age. You can use thumb sucking shield to stop thumb sucking of your kid.

There are three main issues associated with thumb sucking. First, it has something to do with your physiology. The more they suck their thumb, the more they cause their teeth to become misaligned. Many of their teeth may start to move forward. Orthodontic treatment such as braces does not come cheap these days, but you cannot avoid them.

Psychological practical ones suck often considered emotionally insecure. They cannot find satisfaction or security on other things, so they do what they did when they were babies.

Lastly, their hands are not hygienic. Thousands of bacteria can thrive in their hands. When they continue to touch their mouths with them, they also carry microorganisms in their bodies.