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A List Of Low Carb Foods

Carbohydrates can be a great source of energy for our body, but if taken in excess, they can write more weight and less endurance. Many people take carbohydrates because they believe that the sugar can give a boost spirit; and that the starch can give them more energy body.

If this energy is unused however, the body can translate the extra heat as a means to gain more fat and weight; without exercise, carbohydrates may be as good as fat. If you want to get more information about a low carb diet then you can check out eat poke poke.

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If you need a reminder of the spirit, take protein; if you need energy, take a few fats then work. Here is a list of low carb foods that you might consider, so you do not deprive your body of necessary needs carbohydrates.

Here is a list of foods low in carbohydrates you might want to visit when you reduce your carbohydrate intake without scrimping on the food. Top of the list is fruits and vegetables. Some vegetables, however, such as potatoes and yams, are high in native starches, and can actually add to your weight.

Stick to green salads by adding lettuce, endives, radishes, cucumbers, peppers, and celery to your plate. You can also have one cup each day of artichokes, pumpkin, cabbage, cauliflower, okra, bean sprouts, leaks, and tomato.