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When Should A Person With Anorexia Look For Help

Nowadays, many people suffer from eating disorders. The reason behind this is the desire to get a perfect body, they start losing weight excessively.

People are unaware that when a person needs medical advice while suffering from this disorder. The answer is immediately. The longer a person suffers from an eating disorder, the more serious it will be their condition, in terms of their mental and physical health. You can also look for anorexia medical care to cure anorexia.

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There are two types of anorexia:

1) Restricting – Excessive exercise, reducing calories through severe diets, or refusing to eat to achieve weight loss.

2) Purging – Use of diuretics or laxatives to or lose weight induced vomiting.

It is important to understand that contrary to popular belief, the core of this eating disorder is not about food and weight but something deeper.

As a result of purging and restricting, those who suffer from anorexia have a very low weight that causes medical problems such as low blood pressure, kidney damage, poor circulation, dehydration, low body temperature.

When Hospitalization is Necessary

Although many patients can be cured with outpatient therapy for the treatment of anorexia nervosa, severe health complications or serious weight loss may call for hospitalization.

Some health conditions that may require hospitalization are a weight that is 75 percent less than normal weight, metabolic imbalance Perilous, very low body temperature, suicidal tendencies, and mental health problems such as clinical depression or OCD Anxiety disorders, severe electrolyte imbalance.