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Benefits of Cotton Combination Shirts

If pure cotton blouses have such excellent comfort and quality associated with them, why are there cotton blend shirts? Is making shirts cheaper the only reason to decrease the amount of cotton? Actually, there are many benefits to mixing cotton with synthetic fiber. If you want best cotton heritage t shirts visit https://www.blankstyle.com/cotton-heritage.

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To begin with, what would be the artificial fibers used? Lycra is often called spandex and including a small percentage of the fiber in cotton makes the resulting mixed fiber more elastic. Such clothing is commonly used in tight-fitting blouses to improve wearer comfort.

Another fiber that is used quite frequently is polyester. The blend of polyester with cotton fibers produces a fabric commonly known as polycotton. Polyester is a cheap synthetic fiber and many very cheap shirts are made entirely of polyester. Unfortunately, this synthetic substance is not as comfortable on the skin as cotton.

 Therefore, the purchase price of a top reflects its quality and substance, unless you are lucky enough to get a fantastic discount. Polycotton shirts that use a generous proportion of cotton, often 55 percent, are much more comfortable and often feel like cotton.

These blended fabrics exude the softness and comfort of pure cotton to shirts, while retaining the benefits of man-made fibers. Specifically, polyester can help extend the life of fabric due to its tough properties. In addition, it reduces the wrinkles of this blouse, a problem that frequently includes pure cotton blouses.

Therefore, the so-called no-iron covers contain a fantastic percentage of polyester fibers for maximum wrinkle resistance and reduce the demand for full ironing. Not only that, but the top stays sharp and crisp on the wearer for more during the day.