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Who Wrote the Bible Facts?

So Who Wrote the Bible? There are many opinions on who wrote the Bible and most of this opinion gives a very strong argument for those who claim for often there is some supporting evidence to support their opinions. You can click here to read more facts about the bible timeline.

The undeniable fact is that the Bible was composed and evolved over a long period that began more than 2000 years ago! This allows several variants to develop through human error and interpretation alone.

There are very limited resources in the way of writing material with no paper and parchment only in the form of a roll as the primary way of recording the document. Nothing great coordination for the collection and the collection of scriptures to incorporate them into what became the book of the Bible.

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There has been much debate over which books should be included so already there are different versions of the Bible because the content is received. Many of the books were written by several different people who combined to compile the teachings or the life and times of certain people or groups who may even be passed and many details have been passed down orally.

If you consider the implications of these facts can easily be seen that the logistics produce documents for hundreds of years with limited coordination, poor printing method, cast doubt on the authenticity and political pressure to control the content, has resulted in the wide-ranging debate that wrote the Bible.

These facts allow that many people may be right in their disagreements about who wrote the Bible for it is very difficult to research and verify the book compiled over 2000 years ago.