Manitoba PNP – Family Sponsorship Process

Immigration to a country of interest is not always easy. People have to try all kinds of ways to achieve their favorite goal. However, rather than resorting to illegal means to get to a country you're interested in, it's always better to look for legal ways to eventually get there. If you are a potential immigrant to Manitoba, there are many options you can consider, and the Manitoba Provincial Candidate Program is one category to use for your family immigration needs.

As a successful immigrant candidate in this category, you will receive a certificate of nomination for the province. This immigration category allows immigrant families in Manitoba to sponsor eligible family members in the Manitoba region. This system allows your family members to move to the countryside and obtain permanent residence status. Family Sponsorship Canada – Canadian Immigration Services is available for permanent residents of Canada or citizens aged 18 years and over. You can support relatives who come to the country to work, study, or live as permanent residents.


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In essence, you can support your spouse, dependent children, parents and grandparents, and even adopted children and other eligible relatives. Fees, processing time, and forms must be completed for each sponsor. So make sure your relative actually qualifies for the nomination before you go ahead and apply. Below are some of the most important factors to consider when considering the Manitoba family sponsorship process.

  • Relatives 
  • Age
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Language
  • Adaptability