Eco Friendly Roofing Options In Stafford Virginia

local roofing companies in staffordMany people are starting to wake up to the fact that human beings are having a decidedly negative impact on this plant’s environment and ecosystems.

These people are now looking for ways to do whatever they can to lessen their negative impact on the planet. For these people, it is important to go green in every aspect of their lives.

The number one place these people can make changes to benefit the environment is at home. There are many ways to make a positive contribution to the planet at home. The following is a guide to one of the things people can do to go green at home such as by installating an eco-friendly roof.

The most eco-friendly roofing option is installing solar roof shingles. These shingles are composed of photovoltaic cells that transform the energy of the sun into electricity to power your home. These solar roof shingles are installed on the south side of the roof to get the maximum exposure to sunlight. They then provide a completely silent, infinitely renewable, completely green source of energy.

Homeowners that install solar roofing shingles are eligible for government subsidies to help defray the costs of ownership. Getting these subsidies is really the only way to make this option cost-effective right now.

However, the costs of photovoltaic technology are falling at the rate of 5.5 percent every year, which means that they will be in line with the price of grid electricity within the next ten years or so. If you are going to have an eco friendly roof installed, it is best to hire professional roofers instead of trying to do it by yourself.

For plant lovers, installing a green roof takes on a literal connotation. Green roofs are a roofing option that involves covering the roof of your house with plants.

These plants help decrease the loss of green space in urban areas, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reduce the heat building gain of buildings, and help restore natural habitat for animals. In addition, perhaps there best feature is their ability to control storm water runoff. Green roofs have the ability to absorb between 50 to 95 % of all of the rainwater they receive.

roofing companies in staffordThere are two versions of green roofs available, extensive and intensive. Extensive green roofs have a shallow soil environment that is planted with succulents, herbs, grasses and alpines. They are then left alone to develop naturally, and are not accessible for use.

Intensive green roofs are more expensive, but they are also more beneficial to the environment. They have a deep soil environment that has the ability to support a much wider variety of plants, including large plants like trees. They are designed to be interactive environments, so that users can enjoy recreation activities on them. If you are looking for a local roofing company in the Stafford Virginia area that provides these types of services, here is one you can check out

Eco-friendly roofing options are helping to solve the problem of the hot spots that the modern urban environment creates. Instead of heat-absorbing concrete and waste heat from buildings that typical buildings have, eco-friendly roofing options reduce the hot spots by capturing sunlight and transforming it to energy.

Whether this is done with photovoltaic cells or green plants, it is a wonderful way to reduce the damage to the environment that Stafford County cities typically inflict.