Dental X-ray Radiation Protection Assessment Checklist

The best way to ensure compliance with radiation protection requirements in dental practice is through a comprehensive radiation protection program. You can also look for the best radiation safety in dental practice via

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It includes training for all employees involved, proper registration of X-ray equipment, and internal risk assessment of X-ray equipment, effective recording, and documentation as well as active employee participation. 

The information provided below is for general information purposes only and is recommended as a tool for evaluating safety and effectiveness in dental practice.

Dental X-ray Safety Checklist

Complete and archive the following checklist to evaluate the effectiveness of your radiation protection program in dental practice.

-Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for properly operating and maintenance procedures. (Manufacturers include x-ray filmmakers, x-ray equipment, developers, processing chemicals, safe lighting, etc.)

-Everyone authorized to take an x-ray should have a dental X-ray certificate.

-X-ray staff should be properly trained in radiation protection practices and instructed to follow the ALARA principle (as low as possible).

-Employees who take x-rays are instructed to provide protective devices (lead aprons, thyroid necklaces) to patients. (Note: An apron is required, a thyroid collar is recommended.)

The staff member who takes a dental X-ray should be directed to stand at least 6 feet away from the radiation beam behind the unit, preferably behind a wall.