Common Paint Booth Problems and How to Fix Them

A typical paint booth consists of three main components including a filter, housing and exhaust fans which are used to draw an adequate volume of air from the chamber. If your paint booth is functioning properly, you should have no problem with excess spray collection on vehicles in your parking lot, smells complaining about by neighbors or businesses.

If you experience any of these problems, you are likely having a problem with one of the main cab components. You can browse online to find out about teh best table top paint booth manufacturers in CA.

Problem 1 – The Booth Is Excessively Dirty All the Time

If your paint booth has a problem with dusting in it, it can often be making your final result less than optimal. To make sure you can keep your paint booth cleaner, you can use the environmental controls described in this article or you can overpress your paint booth by plugging in and designing the air dispenser accordingly.

Problem 2 – Your Paint Booth Is Excessively Loud

If you think your paint booth is stronger than before and doesn't seem to be working properly, you should check the fan and perform the recommended maintenance stated by your booth manufacturer in the original manual.

Problem 3 – Air Make Up Problems

Air composition problems can be caused by several things. Some simple solutions to check include if the power supply fails while in the air. You should also check that nothing has changed in the gas supply. If they're not the source of your problem, you can try resetting the control panel to see if that solves the problem.