Buy or Rent a Commercial Space in Brooklyn

Perhaps one of the biggest business decisions you can make is whether to buy a room or find a commercial property to let. If the place is for the office, warehouse or factory, is likely to be your biggest asset and probably your biggest expense. So it is very important that you consider two options very carefully.

Choosing to let commercial property may be a better option if you need to be able to change locations quickly, or if you want the flexibility to move as your company grows. If you're looking for rental office space in Brooklyn visit '10 Grand Street' provides the best commercial spaces at a budget-friendly cost.

Commercial properties

It is a great idea to start-up companies are relatively young because you may not have sufficient capital or trading accounts have not been required to apply for a loan. You may just prefer to place your capital towards expansion or buying stocks instead.


The main reason companies like to buy their own space is that after the purchase is made, they have assets that can appreciate in value. Improvements can add value to the company's bottom line. In addition, using a commercial mortgage to make the purchase in the payment that is usually lower than in the commercial property to let.

Another advantage to take out a loan to buy the space is that you can fix your monthly expenses. You eliminate the risk of a large rent increases every year and can keep tight control of spending your property.

In addition, buying your own commercial property in Brooklyn allows you the flexibility to buy a bigger place that you really need. You can then let out the extra space and generate rental income that you can put toward your monthly mortgage payment commercially.

One drawback though, is that you will need to put down a deposit quite sizeable. Lenders usually require between 25% – 50% of the purchase price which means you will need sufficient capital available. Also, it has space makes it more difficult if you want to move to a new place because you may have to sell before moving.