Breaking Down The HIPAA Compliance Checklist

A number of websites offer guidance in achieving compliance with HIPAA regulation. HHS has released General Rules to assist CEs with data management of their electronic protected health information (ePHI). If you’re looking for HIPAA compliance  services then visit

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Basically, health care entities must safeguard the confidentiality of ePHI during the creation of digital documents and through their maintenance and transmission, and protect all data from access and modification by unauthorized parties. 

All workforce entities working with healthcare management are required to maintain compliance with these basics and ensure that all employees abide by HIPAA regulation. A company or complex entity must ensure that all of its components are in compliance with HIPAA, not just the administration of the company or health care group.


Health care providers are varied in size and scope. HIPAA is flexible in the sense that the size, the level of infrastructure, the costs, and the risks associated with compliance are criteria that determine the extent of the security measures that are needed. 

Every health care entity will differ in its application of its compliance solution, however it needs to be stressed that HIPAA regulation applies in the same way to all CEs and to all BAs regardless of how they operate.