Antique Rugs For Your Home Decoration

No matter what some people say, shopping for carpets to decorate your home is quite important to justify spending a large amount of money on them. Deciding which style you want for your home can help you determine the type of antique area carpet for use with it.

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RD0071: Antique Silk Tabriz Prayer Rug, Northwest Persia

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Let's try to compare the styles of home decorations:

Traditional home decor places a large emphasis on balance and intimacy. In this style, nothing is in place, because everything goes with something to create perfect symmetry. 

Furniture, for example, usually paired, and consistent style-nothing from its place. The pieces, from the dining table design to the carpet pattern on the wooden floor, are naturally classical and can give a more modern impression from the era.

For this type of style, you can use a thick oriental carpet to add a little talent to that room. Carpets emphasize the simplicity of the room with most of the color of light and a very accentful flower pattern. 

If you go for a symmetrical display type, then maybe the Turkish carpet is more than your type. Because this type of carpet was originally made for prayer functions, they tend to be more rigid in terms of design and can equip rooms with very classic furniture.

Of course, the emphasis is a little different in the field of modern design. Modern designing has a lot to be released from traditional colleagues, and patterns that vary greatly from room to room and people to people. 

After the global economic crisis and trends of people who buy small houses, some houses are now decorated in a minimalist way – which have small furniture and few accessories.