Why You Should Wear More Lipstick And How To Make It Look Great

The majority of women have a makeup routine they use to start the day. You likely do and it probably involves using a little bit of base to smooth your skin out and possibly add some shade, and then adding mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow to bring out your eyes.  

On a day-to-day basis for many women, this is all they'll use and things will not often get all that creative or colorful. If you want to know about the smudge proof lipstick, then you can read this post here

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This way you can keep it cheap and keep it fast, while at the same time making sure that you don't look overdressed for work or just like you are trying too hard. However it can also occasionally seem a little bland and if you would like to shake things up a notch, including some lipstick may be the ideal way to finish off your look.  

Why wear lipstick? 

There are loads of reasons to wear pink or red lipstick more regularly. The first is that it will make you appear confident as it is bold and it draws attention to a very sensual location. 

This makes it the definition of power dressing and means you'll be turning heads for all the right reasons – confidence is hot. 

At precisely the same time if you would like to get noticed by a man you see frequently then wearing lipstick is a superb way to draw their attention and also to make them think of you in another way.  

Lipstick makes guys look in your lips, and a woman's lips are incredibly attractive and sensual. At precisely the same time only a simple red will alter your appearance so much that they'll be forced to reassess how they think about you.