What Does The Annual Leave Pro-Rata Calculator Do For You?

Employers can use this holiday calculator to calculate annual leave entitlements. The holiday calculator can also be used for holiday calculations for employees who begin mid-year or who have taken annual leave.

To access the annual leave entitlement calculator, employers should enter the following information: The employee's working days, the standard annual allowance of the company (for full-time employees), and the date the employee began and stopped working. This information is added to the closest full holiday day. You can also buy Pro-rata and Annual Leave Entitlement Calculator in the UK.

 What does pro-rata mean?

Latin for "proportionally", or a "proportion," pro-rata means "proportionally". Pro-rata refers to the salary and holidays that job holders would receive for their job.

Half-time or part-time employees, as well as employees who begin mid-year, will have their annual prorated leave entitlements and salaries calculated on a pro-rata basis.

This holiday calculator calculates how many holiday workers are entitled to a prorated agreement. You can also read the manual to see how it works.

 How can you calculate pro-rata holidays?

A pro-rata annual leave entitlement is available to employees who aren't full-time workers. This calculation is based upon how many hours an employee works each week and how many days.

Pro-rata example:

An employee joining the company on 01/03/2019 might have their annual leave allowance advertised at 25 days pro-rata in the job description (beginning 01/01/2019). Full-time employees would get 21 days of annual leaves.

Employee's status, as well as whether they work part-time or full-time, will affect how pro-rata holiday is calculated.