Undivided India The Only Way For India To Become A Superpower Again

India has always been a center of attraction for people from all around the world. A few centuries, when everybody else was scavenging on the dead for food, India was making fast progress with its Indus Valley Civilization. When the British arrived on the shores of India, the economy of India was already booming, as it accounted for 23% of the total world economy. India was a global manufacturer of spices and finished fabric, but after the 200 years of rule by the British, the Indian economy dwindled to just 4%, which shows how much was looted off from India time and again. Not just British, but Mughals too looted a lot from India.

The country suffered not just economically but culturally as well because Mughals try to convert people to Islam forcefully and those who refused were brutally killed. Indian history has many shades to it, but one thing is sure after 1000 years of rule by Mughals and 200 years of rule by the British, India is still a Hindu majority country with over 80% of the country’s population following Hindu religion. Indians are working hard to bring back undivided India, which looks like a pipe dream as of now, but nothing is certain in this world. When the British were ruling India, they used to think they were invincible, but their time ended and they returned to the UK. So, you never know when India becomes undivided again and become the global superpower it was once.