Type Of Treatment For Hammertoes In Reisterstown

Hammertoes may be the most commonly seen foot defect that can be developed throughout the course of a lifetime. 

When the toes contract they become more prominent over the top. They will be irritated by shoes and two hammertoes that are placed next to each other can cause irritation one another due to their contact. 

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Surgery is the sole solution for the problem of toes with hammertoes. Non-surgical treatments are used to reduce pressure on the skin using padding, shoes that are deep and corn/callus treatments to reduce the thickness of skin.

 The toe may feel better temporarily however the deformity is still. The procedure actually restores the toe back to its normal, normally straight position, so that the toe is kept away from the skin and the toes don't collide due to their bone prominence.

Surgery can be performed in less than an hour (assuming that all the lesser toes on one foot are treated). The procedure can differ based on the cause behind the defect, and certain toes may require several procedures.

 Most of the time the recovery process is usually swift for foot surgery and resumption of normal shoe usage occurring in about a month. 

The standard method to correct a hammertoe is by making an incision at the upper part of your toe, and accessing the bones below.