Toddler Bedroom Accessories – What to Buy For Your Children’s Rooms

Toddler bedroom accessories aren't limited to a crib and a changing table. The room can include storage options, decorative accents, and a reading nook. You can even get a big kid bed if you'd like. You can also consider buying an inexpensive crib to start your child's bed-hopping adventures. And when your toddler outgrows the crib, you can always convert it into a playroom or guest room!

Decorate with bold accents

When it comes to decorating children’s bedrooms, you must keep in mind that your space should be practical, adaptable, and durable. Bold accents and fun textiles can add style and character to a child's room. For instance, an area rug and storage piece can hide clutter while adding visual interest. And if your child's tastes change often, you can switch out these accents with a new design.

You can also incorporate a mountain scene in the room to add a touch of rosy hues. For a DIY project, you can use some tape and paint to create a mountain-like pattern. Alternatively, you can purchase a cheap stencil and paint. And remember: if red is the only color in the room, tone it down with a soft pink or light gray. It is a great way to make the room seem bigger than it really is.

Organize with storage options

Whether it's a child's bedroom or your own, organizing your child's room will make the process easier. First, you should sort through the clutter to get rid of things you no longer need. Whether it's toys, clothes, or books, fewer items make it easier to find what you're looking for. Once you have eliminated items, you can sort them into piles and keep them for future use.

Invest in low-level storage. Under-bed cubbies, trundle storage units, and low-set bookshelves are all great options to create an organized environment. These storage units can help your toddler find what they need quickly. Labeling baskets and drawers can make organization easier, too, especially since children can't read labels. A good tip is to include pictures in the storage bins so your child can identify the items they need by looking at them.

Create a reading nook

You don't have to have a lot of space to create a cozy reading nook in your toddler's bedroom. It can be a converted closet, unused space under the stairs, or a small corner of the room. It just needs a good amount of light and a plush, comfy chair or pouf. The books and toys will need plenty of lighting, so you might want to invest in some creative lighting.

Books are a great source of fun for your child. Use wall decor and a small table to display their favorite books. Add a few personal touches, such as artwork, favorite characters, or designs and colors. If possible, organize books into shelves and make them easily accessible. Bookcases are great places to display books as well. Make sure you have enough storage for the books they will be reading, so that they won't get tossed.

Get a big kid bed

Whether you are redecorating your child's nursery or just making the switch for the first time, there are a few steps you should follow to ensure your toddler transitions smoothly to their new big kid bed. If you're using the Montessori method of transitioning your child, it may be best to put the twin mattress on the floor. This way, your toddler can continue to use the blankets and other small accessories that they have in their crib.

Toddlers may begin to request the transition from their crib to a big kid bed anytime between 18 months and three and a half years of age. However, it is best to wait until your toddler reaches around three years. If they don't, they may still be sleeping in their cribs until they've reached three feet in height and make daily jail breaks. It is important to choose a sturdy bed for your toddler. After all, they'll be wiggling and wriggling around all night long!