Tips For Picking A New Watch Straps

A common saying among watch lovers is that a new strap can refresh the look of a watch and make it a more versatile accessory. Changing straps is also an aesthetic statement that reflects an individual's style.

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1. Get the right size

Measure the width between the ears of your watch (where the strap attaches to the watch) to make sure you're buying the correct size band. You can browse to buy mens watch straps (In Norwegian Language herre klokkerem).

herre klokkerem

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Straps that are too big will pile up and come out or won't fit properly. A strap that is too small will have an ugly gap or interfere with movement as your watch moves away from the strap.

Ear width is measured in millimeters, which is why you see sizes like 22mm and 24mm on the website. Take a ruler and measure the distance between your ears before buying.

2. Get the length right

Most bands are standard lengths to fit most wrists. If your wrist is very large or very small, consider a shorter or longer strap. Measure your wrist size with a soft tape measure or wrap a piece of paper around your wrist and then lay it flat and measure.

The length of a watch strap is usually measured in millimeters, as is the width. In contrast, websites that cater to Americans sometimes display sizes in inches.

Often you will also see the two sizes mentioned next to each other, for example, 120/75 mm. This measurement applies to every half of the band you buy.