Tips For Maintaining The Shine On Your BMW

It's hard to beat the look of the brand new BMW. The glossy paint and finish in the showroom are as perfect as they will ever be. So how can this kind of finish be kept in good condition? In actuality, maintaining the new car shine is much easier than you'd believe. It's all about following a routine.

Put money into a regular car wash

Dead bugs, bird droppings dirt, pollen and other debris could damage the paint of your vehicle if not cleared off in time. The process of running through your BMW through an automated car wash at least once per week is recommended, as is planning a routine hand wash to provide an even more thorough cleaning. To get more details about bmw schoonmaakdiensten you may check it here

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Learn the Right Way to Clean

Cleaning your BMW manually is a cost-effective method to keep it in good condition However, you must be aware of how to do it right prior to undertaking your own task. Always wash the car within a cooler, shaded area using soft water. The hard water is a source of minerals and may leave ugly spots after you evaporate the water.

Contrary to the popular DIY advice, do not make use of household detergents, laundry soap or dish soap to clean your BMW. These products can strip off the paint, creating damage. Use a soap specifically designed for cars. Make sure you have lots of microfiber towels at to dry, wash and applying wax, polish for your car.