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Why You Need 3D Virtual Tours?

They know that a picture can contain a thousand words. Add to this line – the virtual tour (3D tour) says it all. Simple words never speak better than a virtual tour.

Since the internet has become the mainstay of the media, 3D office tours, the new kid on the block, is solving the mess of web graphics. High-end virtual tours increase business visibility. For more information about 3d virtual tour, you can visit https://officetour.com/.

Why You Need 3D Virtual Tours?

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Virtual tour – the big picture

A virtual tour (3D tour) is simply a complete view of a place, machine or system, consisting of various degrees of the image. It can also accompany text and audio to make a compelling guide. 

Virtual 360 degree tours are very lucrative for the real estate industry. Prospective clients who see this tour will be relieved from the pain of checking the location and system physically.

Virtual tour – technology

Technicians optimize a series of panoramic photos or videos according to web standards. Panography can add hotspots so that users can click and enter maps of different tours.

Compatibility and compression are major issues when creating 3D web tours. Because people are exposed to the world with one click. Slowly rendered graphics are bad enough to prevent heavy traffic.

Virtual tour – the advantages

· More than 50% of online viewers prefer to go to real locations after seeing a virtual tour.

· Stimulating buying decisions for potential customers.

· Increase traffic and increase download costs to prospects.

· Increase retail businesses that want to show off their showrooms.