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Healing Through the Akashic Records

For those who have not heard of Akashic Records, let me explain briefly. Also known as "book of life" or "archive room", Akashic records are a massive active database of every place, person, or element that has ever lived.

It contains all the knowledge of the history of the cosmos and the human experience, as such, this "database" is endless and infinite. You can know more about the akashic records at www.reikiattunementonline.com/post/akashic-records.

The Akashic archive is the most complete and complete source of information and holds the soul archives or the history of each. Events, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and ideas are also recorded.

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Usually, the Akashic Archive has been a gateway to information about our past life practices so we can better understand who we were and how we lived at the time.

Having this profound understanding of ourselves is a way to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves in our present lives and why we could live what we are today. The reason is that we often carry the energy of past life experiences into our future lives, affecting our current experiences in a positive and negative way.

In truth, Akashic records can be used to find just about anything we want. It is also an extremely valuable tool when used to facilitate healing, as you can find the historical source of any problem in your life today.