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Things to Know Before Going To The Hair Salon

When it comes to changing hairstyles or color, most of us have a very specific look. Something as temporary as a haircut or a color can affect you in a very powerful way. This can turn any of your bad days into one of the best you’ve ever seen, but … it can also bring you a lot more confidence and empower you. 

Consider your lifestyle

This is a very important thing to consider. Your hairstyle is another thing that represents who you are and what you do. If you live a very busy life and know you will not really have time to do your hair, then go for a salon where hair stylist stand for you with styling cape to give you a low-maintenance look. 

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Go for a consultation

If you’re still not sure about the look of your hair, schedule a consultation with your hairdresser. During your consultation, your stylist will examine your dry hair. Therefore, be sure to wash your hair so that there is not a lot of products in your hair and they are unraveled. 

However, if your color is well defined, stylists recommend coming unwashed hair because they will protect your scalp from the chemicals you put in your hair.