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Masonry Preservation And Mortar Analysis

When restoring historic masonry it is important to identify the composition of the original mortar used in the construction of the masonry structure. You can also contact professionals for masonry repair in Edmonton for best services.

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While this may sound like a suggestion and an attempt to sell you on an idea, there are many reasons why you need to analyze the mortar and determine the composition of the original mortar used.

Depending of the type of stone, it will have different crushing pressures, and will require a mortar that is softer than the rock. This is true of the handmade bricks also.

In order to preserve historic masonry, a great deal of attention must be paid to the details. To do this, you must first collect the details available about the mortar and the masonry units.

Now there are some fancy and often expensive testing methods used in analyzing mortar samples that just aren't very reliable. Some of these tests take pretty pictures of the mortar sample that identify different elements of the mortar by color.

This method has many limitations, and the worst is the understanding, experience, and knowledge of the technician testing the samples of mortar.

And the most important fact in restoring a historic building or repointing historic mortar is to remember that while you may be the owner of a historic building, you are simple the caretaker of the property.

This structure was here before you were born, and if cared for properly, will last long after you are gone.