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Basic Causes of Lower Back Pain

For many adults, lower back pain is a common. In fact, lower back pain is one of the main causes of adults looking for medical treatment of a doctor, clinic or emergency room. But in the vast majority of cases, back pain does not necessarily indicate a more serious problem – it is only an occasional nuisance. But, of course, it can still be very painful and make the individual virtually useless for several days or possibly weeks.

Sometimes, however, lower back pain can be a symptom of another more serious medical problem. For example, kidney problems can cause lower back pain, and there are other medical conditions that can also produce pain in the lower back area.

But for most lower back pain are simply caused by the strain placed on the muscles supporting the spine. The fact is that the lower back muscles support the major part of the body's weight of person. The greater the body, the more the stress is placed on the lower back muscles, and the more likely it is that an individual can develop occasional pain in the lower back.

Pain at the bottom of the back that persist for 90 days or more is generally considered chronic. But at any time, a person has a back pain for more than three or four days, they should see a doctor for a diagnosis of the problem.