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Solar Panel News: How A Sticker Can Increase Solar System Efficiency

Photovoltaic science of converting light into renewable energy has become a major industry of green energy because it helps create a more sustainable way of life. In the technology world, the solar industry is one area where it seems literally as new developments are made every day.

Scientists and researchers are creating ever new, more efficient, and more effective ways to harness the power of the sun, read full info here.

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You can always hear about new inventions solar green energy and evolution, but one of the newest and most impressive new things is actually a simple sticker. Well, maybe not so easy. This "power sticker" is printed with clever, cutting advanced micro-structures that improve the efficiency of solar panels.

One of the best things about this sticker is that if it goes to the market, it can be placed on the solar panels already installed to help boost their power.

The adhesive is a thin polymer film that can be placed on the solar panels and has been shown to increase the performance of solar systems by about 10 percent. Work sticker in some ways to improve the photovoltaic performance.

With the sticker, chances are higher than the more light is absorbed as it will travel with the semiconductor material – rather than go straight through as it often does.