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What Considerations Should Be Made When Adding A Skylight To Your Home?

Nothing beats natural light. The dark and gloomy room can be easily filled with installing skylights if the space is possible. Skylight offers a unique approach to include more natural light into the house and bring a free nature. In fact, they can let more than triple natural light compared to traditional vertical windows of the same size, and distribute them more evenly. Many skylights can even be opened for ventilation.

It's no secret that your house can benefit from having roof dormers from Melbourne, but what consideration should you do first before installing one?

What Considerations Should Be Made When Adding a Skylight to Your Home? - Sandy Petermann

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Take the time to plan correctly:

To get the best results, careful planning is very important. Installing skylights is not as simple as selecting random points and cutting holes in the ceiling. Skylight has a very different effect compared to windows, especially in places such as kitchens or bathrooms where the lighting task is very important. While skylights certainly carry a lot of natural light, they cannot be used alternately with windows in certain circumstances.

Shading options:

Based on the last points created, there is an option to have colored glass to provide a certain amount of shade and limit the possibility of damaging the finish in a room. Horizontal curtains or built-in blinds can also be fitted on the rooftop which is able to aid in regulating the incoming amount of sunlight. 

Don't save size:

Skylight size is also important. Many homeowners may be afraid to dedicate so much of their roof to the ceiling. Or maybe they are worried about the costs associated with a larger skylight it will be exponentially higher. But too small will do a little to produce the amount of natural light that you can get, especially when you consider the efforts needed to install skylights.