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The Next-Level Burglar Alarm Systems

The burglar alarm has been designed and manufactured in exactly the same way for decades. It seems like the manufacturers of alarm panels are unaware of the effects of technological advances. But now the situation is changing and we can see more advanced commercial alarm systems in the market.

Many alarm panels today are still designed to be used with telephone landlines, though the rest of the world outside of the security industry knows that the public switched telephone network, PSTN or POTS, will not be around for too much longer.

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Fortunately for us all, there are some manufacturers who have to listen to what consumers want from your current equipment and have started their internet-enabled devices. Although this is a step in the right direction, the mindset of the brain of the system is still firmly keeping client-side logic.

This means that all programs and the "decision" that the alarm panel must make when it detects an intruder is all contained within an electronic circuit board that is installed in a home or business. We will not see real progress until this logic moved the server-side.

Almost everything is moving towards the cloud, so that the thief, Medical and Fire Alarm panel should be no different. Rather than stand up and make single key presses to the remote keypad alarm panel, a technician must be able to login to the website with a web browser and fully program the system through a graphical user interface.