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Some Important Tips Must Be Considered When Printing

Correct placement of the screen – The artist must pay close attention to how he positions the screen on the media or material to be printed. If the screen is placed incorrectly on the media, it will result in the registration of the wrong design in the designated media area.

Also, if mold is repeated on the fabric in a special arrangement or pattern, there will be gaps or irregularities in the arrangement. If you want to learn more about screen printing from Denver then you can check out milehighathleticapparel.com/screen-printing/.

Appropriate pressure on squeegee – Pressure applied to squeegee must be moderate and well thought out. This is because if less pressure is applied, some areas of the screen will not be listed in print. On the other hand, if a lot of pressure is applied to the screen, it will cause the design to blur on the media.

This means that the printing ink or paste will exceed the design borders or edges. Therefore, the pressure exerted on the squeegee must not be too light nor should it be too much.

Direct screen washing- The screen used to print must be washed immediately so that it avoids screen clogging. This is because when the print ink residue is left on the screen for a while, it is no longer removed from the screen, causing blockages.

However, it must be washed gently if it will not result in making a small hole which is a small area of the coated screen that is free of the coating solution or tearing or reducing tension in the tight stretch screen.