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5 Amenities That You Should Take Advantage of at Lifestyle RV Storage

When you aren't touring state parks, visiting family members, or enjoying other adventures on the road, it is essential to store your recreational vehicle.  

Here are some amenities that Lifestyle RV Storage in Stuart offers that you don't want to miss.

1. In storage

Lifestyle RV Storage is a luxury RV storage facility. It offers plenty of inside storage so your vehicle can be kept out of harm's path and well-protected when you aren't on the road. You can get the best storage option for your motorhome or RV online. 

How to Store Your RV for the Winter

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2. Size

You'll soon notice how much elbow room you have once your rig has been parked in the storage bay. A large courtyard is located between the two 11-bay rows. This allows for easy access to your unit.

3. Access to utilities

You can store your vehicle here with electricity and water. You can wash your RV in the wash area before you store it for a time. Lifestyle RV Storage offers all the conveniences and utilities that make caring for and owning your RV more convenient than ever.

4. Climate control

Climate control is an option for units at LIFEstyle RV Storage. It is important to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level within each bay. This will protect your RV from the Florida heat, humidity, and direct sunlight.

5. Access 24 hours a day

Lifestyle RV storage allows you 24-hour access to your vehicle. You can only get into the facility through gated access. You don't need to rely on the facility supervisor for access to your bay.