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Basic Guide on Product Photography

Product photography is so important and it is impossible to imagine any marketing portfolio without it.

It’s not just about a good camera, it’s also about the technical aspects of how to shoot a product well. Why not start by knowing basic product photography tips to practice at home?


Block background colors are used a lot these days. Colors such as white, black, or other solid colors are usually chosen to contrast with the product color. This makes the recording stand out and causes the image of a product to stick in our minds. You can also buy various backdrops via spectrum-brand.com/collections/flat-lay-backdrops.

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You can always use any element to create a background. It will also help you edit the photo if necessary.


Lighting in a photo is like shadows in an image. Since the image is invisible if it is not shaded properly, a photo without proper lighting will not achieve that wow effect. Professional lamps come in all shapes and sizes, but for some beginners, it may be difficult at first.

You can achieve this effect with homemade lamps, which are easily available and less expensive. When photographing a product, you need to ensure that the exposure is evenly distributed from all angles of the product. This is known as 360-degree lighting. Dark shadows and light spots on the product should be avoided.


No matter how good a photographer you are, putting your camera on a tripod will give you amazing results that you probably wouldn’t get with your hands-free. Using a tripod will help you avoid blur or flicker in your photos.