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Tips To Setup Wireless Range Extender

A typical router has the capability to reach every corner of your house with the wireless network but if you have a bigger home, then your router might not cover the entire home properly. You may notice dead spots in a home where you won’t be able to receive the signal of your wireless range extender.

Today, we are going to let you realize some tips and tricks associated with Netgear ex2700 Setup which can assist you in getting the best signal strength even at a dead spot in your house.

  1. Placement of a router plays an essential role in extender signal strength. So, if you are getting poor signals from your router, then it is advisable to change the location of your router from where it is currently placed.
  2. If you find that the location where you would like to install your extender doesn’t have the power socket nearer to it, then the simplest way is to connect the extender with the AC cord. You can also place your Wi-Fi extender on the top of a shelf or on the Almira.
  3. If you have a multi-story house and want to get best signal strength on all the floors of your home without any interruption, then all the points must be considered before configuring the Netgear Extender Setup or any other company extender.
  4. While you are setting up netgear wifi extender make sure that the objects like mirror and walls are not coming in between the extender and the router. If you have placed a your TV next to the router, then it will affect your wireless signals.
  5. All the devices that emit the electromagnetic radiations must be placed at the farther location from the router in order to get the best signal strength.
  6. While configuring the netgear ex2700 with the router, it is recommended to use the same login credentials to login to the router. If you are getting the signal overlapping issue, then the best thing you can try is; change the user id and password of your WiFi extender.
  7. When you buy a wifi extender a setup software comes with it. You can run this software in order to install the extender at home. You can also install the stand-alone app from the internet.
  8. After installation of the range extender at home, you are still having a dead zone that is not fixed through extender then, you can try Mesh Networking kit. These devices are meant to cover the long distance for Wi-Fi signal.