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Common Questions And Answers About Family Law

Family law, also known as Marriagech, is an area of legal practice that deals with domestic matters, including marriage, civil unions, guardianship, adoption, custody, domestic violence, detention orders, and many more.

Since these matters are usually kept secret for the good of all, the average person will have a lot of questions the first time he visits a family lawyer. Here are the most common questions that lawyers often answer. You can also solve your problem more quickly & affordably with family law mediation.

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What is the difference between Divorce and Cancellation?

Although both can be used to dissolve a marriage, there are important legal differences between the two. Most obviously, the cancellation treats the marriage as if it never happened.

As such, neither party is subject to any sanctions, contracts, or arrangements that might normally accompany the dissolution of a marriage. Fraud, forced consent, and marriage to minors are the most common reasons family lawyers seek revocation.

What is mediation?

Because filing for divorce can be a very lengthy and expensive lawsuit, many couples choose family law mediation. Mediation is a simple method that is very effective for resolving disputes, and it brings the two sides together to discuss a peace agreement.

Although lawyers can be involved in the process, a third-party intermediary asks the parties to speak up. If this works, this impartial interlocutor can save a lot of money in legal fees.