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End up Your Anger in The Rage Cage Room

There are places you can pay to enter a room with an arsenal of quick sticks and an assortment of fragile items handpicked to solve some of these unsolved problems non-destructively and destructively. 

Given my current mood, when I found out The Rage Cage, it took me every five seconds to decide that I would be the next client. You can also visit Paintball USA, just like me to have a great rage cage room experience. 

Rage Rooms Offer Customers a Safe Way to Relieve Stress

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The reception was very minimal, but the extraordinary lights that decorate the seating area are amazing. With prices starting at £ 15, you can enter the storage room and choose all the beautiful things you want to crush. 

From printers to keyboard, soap dispensers to Xint ornaments, you can crush anything. And if you've got a piece of your own that you'd like to crush, feel free to take it with you.

Loaded with trash, we clambered upstairs, given a helmet and goggles each, and then showed us where to spend the next fifteen minutes getting free. In the center of the room is a barrel with a plastic-covered platform, and on the wall, there is a choice of weapons: baseball bats (metal and wood), levers, and hammers. Great.

Unsurprisingly, fifteen minutes passed as we took turns spraying the family music soundtrack onto the cards. But regardless of the song, the endorphins have my brain blown away at a party like no other, and I can honestly say that it's perfectly fine to release my anger in an unhealthy way.