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Facts about Gray Hair and Why You Should Consider Going Gray


Many people get worried when they see that first strand of gray hair. Some try to pick-it while others try to color it in order to cover their gray hair appearance. However, the impression about gray hair during the earlier days has gone and instead people do not mind letting their hair go gray. This allows them to look different while standing in the crowd while others find it more attractive. Let’s check a few interesting facts about this color and also why you shouldn’t mind going gray.

  1. It’s Different – Loss of melanin pigment was the reason behind going gray. But in today’s time, gray hair is considered to be different as this type of hair is easy to manage, coarser and thinner in nature.
  2. It’s Genetics – Genes are something that are passed on from generation to generation. And if you have someone in your family who had similar gray hair appearance, then you simply cannot handle this appearance.
  3. It’s Due to Lifestyle – Our lifestyle and diet are also known to cause graying at a much earlier stage. Some of the symptoms of gray hair include smoking, unhealthy diet and stress.
  4. It’s Due to Excessive Smoking – An individual before the age of 30 and smokes excessively can suffer with gray hair appearance. And even if a person does not smoke he or she needs to consider that passive smoking can also lead to gray hair.

These are some of the facts about gray hair in people. If you wish to protect your gray hair, then you can also consider doing professional keratin treatment at home.