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Beginning The Recovery Process Through Stroke Rehabilitation

The goal of most stroke rehabilitation programs is to restore as much independence as possible to stroke victims by improving their mental, physical, and emotional functioning.

This should be done in a way that preserves the dignity of stroke survivors and motivates them to relearn basic life skills that may have been disrupted by stroke, such as dressing, walking, and eating.

Stroke rehabilitation should be started in the hospital as soon as possible after the stroke. If the victim is medically stable, rehabilitation cannot be started until one day after the stroke and, if necessary, stem cell therapy for stroke recovery should be continued after hospital discharge.

For other survivors, stroke rehabilitation may take months or years after the stroke as the survivors' condition improves or, in some cases, worsens.

Stroke rehabilitation options depend on several factors including your level of disability, your ability to tolerate intensive rehabilitation, insurance coverage, available funding, and your geographic area.

Top options for survivors include emergency and rehabilitation hospitals, sub-acute facilities, long-term facilities, outpatient facilities, and home health authorities.

Health team

Throughout the many stages of stroke rehabilitation, survivors will likely work with a team of healthcare professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

It is important for survivors to get to know their health team and feel comfortable with rehabilitation issues.