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Why Getting Professional Teeth Cleaning Is Important

A moist and warm mouth environment is very conducive to bacterial growth and can manifest in a number of ways. Plaque is a film formed on your teeth by a bacterial colony in your mouth.

These plaques actually produce acids that can damage your teeth and gums. If these plaques are not removed in time, the bacterial colonies calcify & they are later mineralized into a very hard substance called tartar; it attracts more bacteria. If you want to get the best teeth cleaning treatment in Vaughan, then you can visit www.mapledentalhygienecare.com/teeth-cleaning/.

Gingivitis Bacteria are active and can cause gum disease. If this condition is not treated on time, it can cause periodontitis.

This is a severe form of gum disease that attacks the bones that cover your teeth. This results in bone loss; in the end, your teeth might fall out because they don't have a strong foundation to hold them.

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Types of Teeth Cleaning

Regardless of how regularly you maintain dental hygiene, plaque has a way of forming on the teeth over a certain period of time. It's best to clean your teeth professionally by a dentist, at least twice a year.

This helps prevent plaque buildup and tartar on your teeth. Not many people realize that there are various types of professional dental cleaning, such as:

• Prophylaxis – This type of cleaning teeth removes congenital plaque that you cannot remove by brushing your teeth regularly at home. This process includes tooth polishing.

• Full Mouth Debridement – If your teeth have not been professionally cleaned for more than a year, there must be a buildup of tartar. If there is a significant increase in the number of calculus in various areas of the mouth, your dental hygienist will tell you that a reduction in the full mouth is needed.