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Everything About Evaluation Of Fireworks

Fireworks have been around for several thousand years. Many historians believe that the Chinese are credited with the discovery of fireworks from 2000 to 2500 years ago. Early Chinese new year fire works were discovered accidentally by ancient people when bamboo sticks exploded in their bonfires.

These people were so scared by the sound of explosions that they thought the gods were angry with them. But soon it was discovered that green bamboo always exploded.

Many fireworks are burned quickly and releasing a lot of light and smoke. This led to the discovery of fireworks as they are known today. In addition, gunpowder was also found which was used by Chinese artillery to damage enemy forces and their defensive walls.

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The discovery of fireworks similar to those known today actually took place after Marco Polo returned to Europe from the court of Kublai Khan. Europe, military scientists are mainly interested in fireworks and want to develop cannons. Chinese fireworks that have fins fired into the air are considered useless but funny, even though they are the current rocket pioneers.

The Italians in the renaissance for the first time have correctly developed fireworks of a different color when they explode in the air. This is the color of the compound. But Italy managed to find gold and silver fireworks.