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How To Grow A Fiddle Fig Tree Indoors

The fiddle leaf fig is a popular houseplant that produces handsome brown leaves and sprouts from a thick stem. In this article, you will learn how to grow your fig tree indoors with the appropriate light and fertilizer. Remember to water it often and keep your plant healthy.

What are Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees?

Fiddle leaf fig Trees (Ficus lyrata) are a tropical tree that is native to Southeast Asia. The genus Ficus contains about 200 species of trees and shrubs, but Fiddle Leaf Fig is the only member of the fig family found in North America.

Most fig trees grow in warm climates, but Fiddle Leaf Fig can thrive indoors if given the right environment. This versatile tree can be used for a variety of indoor plants, including an indoor herb garden, air purifier plant, or even a small forest.

Requirements for keeping a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree indoors:

  • A bright window with plenty of sunlight exposure

  • A sunny location

  • No cold drafts

  • Very little water (a few drops once a week)

  • No fertilizer or pesticides

  • No high heat or cold drafts

  • Low humidity

If your Fiddle Leaf Fig needs a little help to grow, be sure to include plenty of indirect light in your indoor environment. Indirect lighting is essential for keeping plants healthy and growing indoors. The easiest way to provide indirect light is through the use of fluorescent lights.

Fluorescent lights are highly efficient, so they require very little power and will last a long time. To keep the plant healthy and strong, consider purchasing an artificial tree that includes compact fluorescent bulbs. They have a 3,000 hour life span and can be used year round.