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Afraid to Fly? Tips to Overcome Fear of Flying

For some of us, the fear of flying can be so great that we can never get to where we want to be unless we can drive because it's too scary to think about getting on a plane and flying anywhere. This could mean that you will never spend this holiday abroad. If you have to go to a meeting, you most likely won't make it or you will be forced to leave three days early so that you can drive across the country and get to your important meeting on time.

The airplane phobia or fear of plane ( which is also called phobie de avion? ou alors peur en avion – les solutions in french language) the solutions are available for every type of phobia. There are a number of ways you can overcome the fear of flying by knowing the right techniques that will really help you relieve anxiety and control the fear of flying when you are forced to board the plane to decide.

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1. Write down your concerns.

Write down all the reasons why you are afraid to fly. This will help you to better fight your worries and solve them one by one. For example, if you are afraid of a plane crash, write it down as you would later use in your self-medication. Some people find that their fear of flying hits them at full force when they are airborne and there is no way out. 

2. Educate yourself.

Here's one of the best tools to help reduce your fear of flying. Educate yourself, educate yourself, educate yourself, and keep these tools with you at all times. Learn about all the instruments in the aircraft cockpit and all the pre-flight checks the aircraft will perform before takeoff. Don't worry about statistics because they won't help.