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All About Fertility Specialists

Many couples today have difficulty trying to conceive and are not sure of the reason. If pregnancy does not occur after six months to one year then the couple may need to contact their gynecologist or fertility specialist.

They can help men and women understand the medical problems (if one is present). You can also consult a fertility expert in Cape Town to get the best fertility treatments.

There are many technologies and medicines, including alternative medicine techniques such as acupuncture and Fertility Nutritional Supplements that can play a positive role in helping men and women with their infertility problems.

When a woman is having trouble getting pregnant, she should visit their OB / GYN to do some basic blood tests, monitoring ovulation and give men and women tips and ideas on how to improve the pregnancy. A fertility specialist may do some tests for men and women in an attempt to find a major cause of infertility.

A common cause of infertility in women include: damage to the fallopian tubes – blocked or damaged fallopian tubes can lead to complications, endometriosis – abnormal growth of endometrial cells outside the uterine cavity, ovulation disorders – health ovulation is essential for a successful pregnancy.

Fertility specialists to help couples make their desire to have children come true. Many treatments can be expensive, but it's good for couples if they could have children.

Basic Knowledge Of Egg Donation Treatments

Egg donation is a treatment which is recommended to the those women who are infertile and want to extend their family line. The methodology is now transformed into a practical answer for female infertility. In case you would choose this technique, it is wise to know all about the egg donation process.

egg donation

The process of egg donation is part of the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), a process stimulated to conceive a baby by combining the egg and sperm together in the laboratory under certain conditions to fortify the process of fertilization. If the woman's own eggs will not allow him to successfully conceive, donated eggs can be replaced rather than her own eggs. The process of IVF and egg donation, both conducted by a fertility expert.

Reasons for which a woman is unable to produce healthy eggs alone include:

  • Premature ovarian failure
  • poor development of the ovary
  • diminished ability to ovulate for operations such as chemotherapy
  • Menopause

The women with these problems will require donor eggs to have a baby. Other potential females for egg donation are those who ovulated yet reached menopause or are not able to maintain a successful pregnancy and ovulating but have some genetic problems that can be passed to their children. Counselling before starting treatment should provide full clarification of the process of egg donation including the risks and likelihood of success.