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Disc Jockey Services and Types

In reggae, DJ  is usually a vocalist who knocks, "cheers", or chats on a rhythm track that has been recorded while individuals who help the DJ by choosing the track to be played are called voters.

Many electronica artists and producers who also DJ often do music by combining turntables with keyboards or even direct electronics. Electronica, hip-hop or occasions disc jockey also often work with others and play live music together with bands and musicians from a number of music genres, implementing turntables and electronics as game instruments.  

DJ services:

The songs that are chosen to be played and where they mix come to determine the DJ mode. The style of the DJ can and can be flexible, depending on what club is definitely playing and the type of music expected from your own DJ.

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DJ clubs choose and play music in pubs, night clubs or maybe discos, or at parties or even raves, or even in stadiums. Mobile DJs travel with a lightweight sound system and play music recorded at various events.

Some cellular DJs also serve on the grounds that the master of ceremonies (MC) directs the viewers' views, and maintains a broad focus on what is on the agenda. There are also many competitions that specialize in mixing, scratching or other types of techniques.

The following are the types of DJs:

DJ Punjabi

DJ Wedding Band service

Blues Band DJ


Orlando Music Band


Cool Hop / Rap

Wedding Jazz Band


Latin Wedding Band

Mariachi band