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Choosing a Right Catering Service in Noosa

Whether the idea is to serve Spanish smorgasbord, cosmopolitan lunches, seafood lunches or wine choices, the food you plan to serve will be the center of attention for your upcoming event.

You will want it delicious, rare, unique, and aesthetic. Planning your event starts with choosing the right catering partner.

Who you choose to serve your guests will play a big role in determining the success of your event. Here are some tips for hiring and working with the catering in Coolum:

Make an early booking: Make reservations with catering as early as possible. A small event where no more than a dozen or two are expected can be held in about a week but caterers will appreciate if you tell them 2-4 weeks in advance.

They will use this time to visit the site directly and make and revise the plan. It is recommended to make reservations in traditionally slower seasons such as January, February, July and August.

Catering Noosa

Know what you want: Be clear about what you want. When you call the catering to discuss the event, talk about everything from food choices, table settings, presentation styles to allergies and dislikes.

Don’t forget to ask for the sample menu. Remember that the event will reflect your tastes and preferences, so make sure it matches your choice.

Set your budget wisely: When it comes to catering, your budget will play a big role. Prepare a budget plan and set your priorities depending on this budget.

If you give your catering idea first, how much you want to spend on catering will help them design a better plan for you.