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Is Oat Bran Gluten Free?

Oat bran is derived directly from the oat groat, and because the oat grain is naturally gluten-free, oat bran is as well. That being said, not all varieties of oat bran are safe for individuals with celiac disease. 

When purchasing oat bran, you must buy one that was processed in a gluten-free facility. Often, natural, gluten-free foods will be processed alongside gluten-containing ones. This results in cross-contamination, and because even a tiny amount of gluten can cause digestive upset for those with celiac disease, these foods should be avoided just as much as gluten-filled ones.

You can also purchase gluten-free foods like Gluten-Free Sweet Corn & Coconut Cornbread from various online stores for good taste as well as for your good health. 

Oat Bran Cereal

There's nothing like waking up to a warm bowl of porridge, especially on chilly mornings. While porridge may sound a bit complicated to make, it's effortless when made with our gluten-free oat bran cereal. 

All it takes is just a few ingredients and a stovetop. To make a warm bowl of oat bran cereal, you'll need gluten-free oat bran cereal, water, and salt—that's it! Then bring the water and salt to a boil on the stove before adding the oat bran and cooking for 3 minutes.

For a bowl of oat bran that has even more flavor, we recommend toasting the bran beforehand. Oat bran can be toasted by adding it to a saucepan over medium-high heat. Whisk the bran continuously for 30 seconds to 1 minute or until you smell it toasting. Then transfer the toasted oat bran onto a plate and begin making the oat bran hot cereal as you usually would.

Because plain oat bran is usually a bit bland, we suggest topping it with delicious foods like fresh and dried fruit, yogurt, nuts, raisins, and anything else that you think would taste great.