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Do You Want To Keep The Same Landline Number?

You want to keep your land as cheap as possible. It makes sense: you already have a number so long, it's registered in many places, and you need a home telephone number. 

In This blog post, we will explain the cheapest way to keep your landline Number:

  1. Check whether your number is qualified
  2. Save $ 300 + a year by choosing the right provider
  3. Select the option to keep your home phone number


Step 1: Check whether your home phone is qualified

Not all landline numbers can be parked or forwarded. Fortunately, we can check you out.

Type your home phone number, your provider and your email (so we can send the results). You will receive a few seconds after sending the form.

Step 2: Choose the best and cheapest provider

You want to find a company that can save your number. The most important factor to consider is:

Availability – Does the Provider offer a parking option number?

Costs – Does the provider give you the best price?

Ease of use – Does the provider make it easy to complete the process?

None of the big providers that meet these three criteria. Other options – like Google Voice and other VoIP services – are more expensive than our offerings, and a little reliable and easy to arrange. We complete the whole process of park or ahead for you.

Step 3: Save the number, cut the cable

Finally, you need to decide how you want to save your home phone number. There are three options available for you:

  • Parking numbers to maintain security
  • Forward the home phone number to your cellphone right now
  • Put a number on a new cellphone – like an old school flip phone.