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Can Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) Help Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain has reached epidemic proportions in the country. Chronic pain is often defined as pain that lasts three months or more. Although it is more common in the elderly, anyone can experience it.

About 50 million people suffer from chronic pain and another 25 million suffer acute pain from surgery and accidents. If you are searching for more details about Cannabis then you can visit – http://primaclones.com/.

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One of the major problems with chronic pain can be treatable. As stated by the National Chronic Pain Association, seven million people can't get rid of their pain without opiate drugs, but only 4,000 doctors are willing to prescribe them.

Due to negative publicity, misconceptions about addiction, or control by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), doctors fear losing their license.

Even if you can find a doctor who prescribes opioids, because tolerance can develop over time, many doctors will not prescribe an adequate dose to manage pain. Tragically, living with excruciating pain can lead to depression and depression can lead to suicide.

Marijuana has been shown to be useful in managing chronic pain. Apart from its analgesic effect, it is an anti-inflammatory agent and can work synergistically with opioid drugs.

Unfortunately, opioid drugs are initially effective at treating pain, tolerance can develop over time and not work as well.

Research also shows that it is safer than many legally used drugs for pain except for the potential for lung damage. There are no known cases of legal overdose from animal models. Marijuana is not only effective in treating pain, but also nausea associated with opioid use.